Awards & Recognition


Outstanding Service is the Norm

At Piedmont Health, we’re not just another hospital. We continually strive to bring a more personalized, human-centered approach to health care. You expect compassionate care, attention, and commitment to quality, and we aim to deliver exactly that, to each of our patients and to our community.


Patient-Centered Medical Home

Piedmont health gives you and your entire family access to quality, affordable care in a medical home.

What does that mean?

A Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a primary care delivery model where the patient and their care team partner coordinate and manage care. The patient works to plan their care with the care team and set achievable goals. The care team measures and plans activities for the improvement of healthcare and to meet the patient’s needs. the PCMH model focuses on delivering the right care at the right time, and improves the patient experience and access to quality care, reduces costs, and provides better communication.  In short, a place in which the patient feels comfortable discussing, planning, and entrusting their health.

The Joint Commission – the “gold seal” in health care

We are a Joint Commission-accredited organization, a recognition that only 25% of community health centers receive.  This organization is the primary accreditor of healthcare organizations in the United States.  Today, Joint Commission accreditation of an ambulatory care organization is a widely recognized standard for evaluating and demonstrating high quality services. Many payers, regulatory agencies, and managed care contractors require Joint Commission accreditation for reimbursement, certification and licensure, and as a key element of their participation agreements. Joint Commission accreditation represents the “gold seal” of approval in health care and provides the most comprehensive evaluation process in the industry.

NACHC Gold Status

The National Association of Community Health Centers recognizes organizations like Piedmont Health that are strong advocates for increasing awareness of community health centers.  From a local focus to the U.S. Congress, advocates aim to connect their health center with their communities. Piedmont Health was the first community health center in the entire United States to achieve Gold status.

Community Health Center Alumni Association

The Community Health Center Alumni Association (CHCAA) is a non-profit organization made up of anyone who with a current or past relationship with community health centers – providers, staff, patients, donors, vendors and key supporters. Membership is free and is not for fundraising purposes. The CHCAA celebrates the 50+ years that community health centers have contributed to the nation’s health-care system, and helps to inform the public and mobilize supporters to unsure the future of this system of care. To join or learn more, visit the organization’s web site,

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