Not your typical pharmacy

The facilities operated by Piedmont Health are called community health centers, but you could call them pharmacies and you wouldn’t be wrong. All of Piedmont’s community health centers – with the exception of Sylvan, which serves a school-aged population – have pharmacies.

It’s National Nutrition Month And Registered Dietitian Day!

By now, everyone knows about the obesity epidemic that has super-sized our nation. We’re fat, confused, and misinformed — and often spend hours in the gym trying to shed the pounds packed on due to a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of healthy foods. We’ve made eating one of the lowest priorities of the day, and with so much information being pushed at us

Resolved: Arm Yourselves to be Empowered with Information

When you think about it, New Year’s resolutions are all about getting on track. A resolution to lose weight, for instance, is probably not the first such resolution; just the most recent. The New Year brings us the opportunity to focus on getting and staying healthy –...

Time to consider Medicare supplementary plans

Medicare supplemental insurance’s open enrollment started Oct. 15, 2013, and runs through Dec. 7, 2013. This is the time when all Medicare recipients are encouraged to review their health and prescription drug coverage, including any changes in costs, coverage and...
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