Candis Harrison needed help.

“I was obese, my blood pressure was off the charts, my sugar was off the charts, I was diabetic…I was in bad shape, health wise,” the 38-year-old assembly plant worker recalls.

That was back in 2016. Today, it’s a different story.

“Now, I don’t take any blood pressure medicine, I don’t take any medicine for diabetes – I’m off of all that. My blood pressure hasn’t been this low ever in my life.”

Harrison has dropped from 280 to 160 pounds. Her life is a lot different.

“I can go out and work in my yard and not get out of breath. I can go out and take a walk and not get out of breath …I feel like a whole new person,” she said.

Harrison, who lives in Liberty, N.C., credits her doctor, Dr. Meredith Soles,  at the Burlington Community Health Center.

“She actually listens and pays attention,” Harrison said. “She actually tries to figure out what your problem is.”

The doctor got her on a path to healthy eating and weight loss, Harrison said. She monitored her medication and changed it when it had undesirable side effects, Harrison said.

“She got me motivated,” Harrison said. “She just never gives up on you.”

Harrison found the Burlington Community Health Center by word of mouth. Back in 2016 when she was looking for a doctor, she had good insurance and could have gone anywhere. She used a new twist on an old-fashioned method—she asked her friends via a post on Facebook.

One of her Facebook friends recommended the Burlington Community Health Center. Harrison tried it and liked it a lot. The center has been her medical home ever since.

Harrison also is very happy with her behavioral health consultant, Jamie Burgess-Flowers  who she also credits with being a good listener and caring practitioner.

Beyond the people, Harrison said she likes the Burlington Community Health Center because of all the services it offers. She has used both medical and dental care as well as pharmaceutical services from the health center. Harrison said she visits the center at least once a month.

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