About PACE

Model of Care

Approved by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, our program is based on a model of care known as PACE (Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly). PACE programs keep older adults as healthy as possible in the community by providing comprehensive health care and social services including: primary and specialty medical care, a day health program, social work services, rehabilitation, pharmaceuticals, home health, and more.

Participants attend the Day Center on a regular basis, and transportation is provided. The PACE team of health care and social service professionals and affiliates provide comprehensive integrated care to the program’s participants.

As a PACE provider, Piedmont Health SeniorCare:

  • Builds on existing community services to provide a full-continuum of care
  • Coordinates care through an interdisciplinary care team in collaboration with participants and their loved ones;
  • Manages care individually, with emphasis on specific circumstances of participants’ health, ability to care for themselves, the complexity of family relationships, as well as the goals and desires of the participant and their caregivers.


The mission of Piedmont Health SeniorCare is to promote and sustain the independence of our seniors wishing to remain in the community. We believe that the elderly with chronic health care needs and their families are best served within their homes and communities whenever possible.

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