Is Piedmont Health Right for Me?

Piedmont Health gives your entire family access to quality, affordable care. With medical services, dental care, on-site pharmacy, behavioral health, and nutritional help, we’re here for you. We want to help you make good health decisions for your family, and get the most from your healthcare benefits.  A healthy family is the start of a healthy community – and that’s what drives us.

The Right Care.

We do so much more than regular checkups. In fact, we have services like dental and a pharmacy as well in many of our locations, so you don’t have to try to establish relationships at many different practices, or waste time learning how to get there. And because we have so many services under one roof, you get consistent, compassionate care no matter which location you choose.



The Right Place.


We know you have a busy life.  That’s why we have 12 locations in the Piedmont region to serve you where you are.  More importantly, we love being part of the communities where you live and work. We’re not some big, disinterested hospital.

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The Right Cost.



Health care can be expensive, we know.  But it should never feel like you’re being cheated. We provide services to all and can adjust fees based on ability to pay. Whether you’re fully insured, under-insured, or lack insurance altogether, we want you to know you’re well cared-for at Piedmont Health. You can rest assured knowing we’re focused on saving you money.

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What are folks saying about Piedmont Health?


“I’ve never met a doctor as good as she is!”

Sheila, Moncure CHC

“None of [the other providers] wanted to take us because we were too medically involved. Then a friend suggested I try Prospect Hill Community Health Center.”

Lucinda R.

“They are a very important part of our community and we need them.”

Jo Ann S.

What is a “Patient-Centered Medical Home”?


Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a primary care delivery model where the patient partners with their care team to coordinate and manage their care.  In the PCMH Model, the care team uses research-based care to assist with decisions.  The patient is involved in planning their care with the care team and to set achievable goals. The care team measures and plans activities for the improvement of care and to meet the patient’s needs. The PCMH model focuses on delivering to patients the right care at the right time. The model improves the patient experience and access to care, reduces the cost of health care, provides better communication, promotes team-based care and improves the quality of care delivered to the patients.

Click Here for a video about how Piedmont does PCMH!

Six Elements of PCMH

  1. Patient-Centered Access: Being available to patients when they need to communicate with their provider or health care team. Accommodating patient needs by opening early, having hours after 5pm, and opening on Saturdays.  Providing 24/7 access to clinical advice via telephone or online.
  2. Team-Based Care: Care team members working together to offer you the best care possible. This team is made up of Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Managers, Nurses, Medical Assistants, Behavioral Health Consultants, Nutritionists, Care Managers, and Patient Care Coordinators.
  3. Population Health Management: Shifting the focus of care towards whole health (not just alleviating the immediate issue) by including prevention, wellness, chronic, and acute care.
  4. Care Management and Support: Being responsive to other needs along with your medical needs and supporting you throughout. Involving you in making care plans and guiding you in self-care.
  5. Care Coordination and Care Transition: Committing to meet all the physical and behavioral health needs and coordinating care across all care services. Examples include but are not limited to hospitals, specialty care, community services, and follow-up.
  6. Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement: Maintaining higher standards of quality and a commitment to monitoring our progress so that we can offer an exceptional services to our patients.

Piedmont Health as Your Medical Home

To serve you as your medical home, our mission is to offer you patient-centered quality care with a better experience every time you visit us, focusing on the health of the whole person, and the integrated with behavioral health.

Primary Care Providers

As the patient, you can choose your Primary Care Provider (PCP) so that you can build a positive, working relationship with them. You and your provider work as a team to solve health-related issues. How? By seeing the same PCP over the course of time, they have the opportunity to become familiar with your family and personal medical history. Your PCP will use evidence-based guidelines to educate you about your condition and involve you in your care plan to support self-management.

Piedmont Health offers quality health care and is staffed by medical professionals that are Board Certified/Board Eligible in:

  • Family Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Internal Medicine



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