Healthy Family Story

The Poole children cluster around their father, Chester, as he comes in the door from a visit to the Senior Center in Hillsborough. Family pictures of Chester and Anna Mae’s 14 children line the walls of the front room. Their family has been using the services of Prospect Hill Community Health Center since it opened in 1970.

Chester, the family patriarch and former tobacco farmer, recalls being the center’s 99th patient. Currently, Dr. Tracy Meyers is his doctor. “She looks like a movie star. I don’t want to see anyone else,” Chester adds with a grin. He also uses the in-house pharmacy for his prescriptions because it saves him a lot of money.

Catherine Poole Watson, daughter of Chester and Anna Mae, was one of the first employees in the center. She worked with Betty Compton, Dr. Glen Pickard and Dr. Greenberg, who were a big part of establishing Prospect Hill’s reputation as a quality health center. After 37 years of dedicated service, Catherine retired in 2009.

Impressively, five generations of the Poole family receive services in Prospect Hill Community Health Center, including medical services, pharmacy and dental treatment.

Asked why they like going to PHCHC, they all say, “We’ve gone there all our lives and it feels like home. The knowledgeable staff is friendly and provides quality services. And it’s conveniently close to our homes.”

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