How can outreach workers and health–care providers collaborate effectively? That’s a subject about which Piedmont Health seems to know a thing or two.

Representatives of Piedmont Health’s Farmworker Health Program, along with the N.C.Farmworker Health Program (NCFHP), gave a presentation on that topic at the N.C. Community Health Center Association’s annual Clinical Conference on Quality and Chronic Diseases. The presentation, given April 13 at the Raleigh Hilton Garden Inn at Crabtree, was entitled “A conversation between a medical provider and outreach worker: how can we collaborate effectively?”

NCFHP asked Piedmont Health to give the presentation because, according to Bryan Parrish, Piedmont’s Farmworker Health Outreach Manager, Piedmont has “a strong model for collaboration between outreach workers and clinical staff.” Parrish added: “It’s a very effective model within Piedmont in that the innovation, collaboration, and open communication between clinicians and outreach staff has shown fantastic results. It is certainly a special connection that other programs across the state are interested in learning about. “

Along with Parrish, presenters included Dr. Gayle B. Thomas, Medical Director, NC Farmworker Health Program; and Rosa N. Miranda, MS, Farmworker Health Outreach Specialist, Piedmont Health Services.

The presentation aimed to increase attendees’ awareness of outreach programs by understanding the role and function of the outreach worker as a part of the cohesive medical team.  It was well received, including a suggestion that the presentation has the potential to reach a wider audience by offering it in conjunction with the American Cancer Association.

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