Dana Brower first became a Piedmont Health patient in August of 1979. She recalls visiting the Carrboro Community Health Center when it was in a different location and Piedmont Health was known as Orange-Chatham Comprehensive Health Services.

“It was many, many, many years ago,” said the 63-year-old Chapel Hill resident. “It was someplace I could go that was not really expensive,” she said. At the time, she was working for a daycare center.

There have been a lot of changes since then. Piedmont Health Services took on its current name, moved the administrative office and the Carrboro Community Health Center to its current location on Lloyd Street in Carrboro, and opened up many community health centers.

But one thing hasn’t changed: Brower still gets her primary medical care from Piedmont Health and Carrboro Community Health Center is her medical home.

Brower has a simple reason that she has continued to receive her medical care at Carrboro Community Health Center even though she could have gone elsewhere. “The people at the health center are super and incredibly helpful!” she explained.

Medical assistants and nurses are so crucial to quality medical care. Some of the clinical staff at Carrboro CHC are L to R: Moo Da, Nein Su Khaing, Francia Marin & William Vega Relova.

Brower has had one primary care physician the entire time she has been a patient at the Carrboro Community Health Center – Dr. Carol Klein, a physician at Piedmont Health for more than 30 years. “Carol Klein is a wonderful, wonderful doctor,” Brower said, “and so are the other ones – I’ve seen others when I couldn’t see Dr. Klein. The doctors, the nurses the staff – everybody there I really, really like.”

Brower no longer works because of a disability. Affordability continues to be a reason she utilizes the Carrboro Community Health Center but she said that has not been what has kept her there. Because of her medical condition, she visits the center often and good customer service is especially important to her.

“They’re always so friendly,” Brower said. “It makes me feel at home.”

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