James Kistler had a connection with the Scott Community Health Center since the center’s beginning. In fact, one might say that Kistler has been connected to the center since his own beginning.

Dr. Floyd Scott, who established and gave the center its name, delivered Kistler at a hospital in Graham, N.C. Scott Community Health Center, which Piedmont Health now owns and operates, was built in 1949 in Alamance County, NC.

Kistler has visited doctors at the Scott Community Health Center for most of his life. His mother, Nancy Kistler, was one of the first nurses to work at the health center. Kistler’s visits to the health center began with his mother taking him for pediatric visits with Dr. Scott, and his ties grew from there.

The Alamance County resident’s relationship with the health center is as wide as it is deep. Kistler also had childhood patient visits with one of Dr. Scott’s sons, Dr. Pete Scott. As Kistler became a young adult starting his teaching career, his primary doctor became Dr. Sam Scott, another one of Dr. Floyd Scott’s sons.

Kistler now teaches science to local middle school students. One of his former students who he taught during his second year as a teacher is now a nurse at Scott Community Health Center.

Kistler simply has never had a reason to get his primary medical care from any place else. He continues visiting the health center because all the employees care about their patients and are committed to providing quality health care, he said.

“I have been going there for almost 67 years,” Kistler said. “Over the years, I feel I have been well taken care of by the doctors that have been there and by those who are currently there. …I like all of the people at the Scott Health Center. I really enjoy talking with Rosa, who is at the front desk. She is always very helpful and goes out of the way to see that things are right. The pharmacy is also very good, especially Judy. All of the people there are always willing to go the extra mile to be sure you are taken care of.”

Today, the Scott Community Health Center continues to provide primary health care services to people of all ages. These services include physical exams, immunizations, flu shots, laboratory services and an on-site pharmacy.

Kistler said his mother, Nancy, is now an active 89-year-old who also has regular health visits at Scott. When Kistler is not teaching, he enjoys spending time with his mother as well as with his wife, Mollie, his three children and his seven grandchildren.

Kistler has, of course, seen many changes at the health center as well over the years. One of those changes was the retirement of Dr. Sam Scott.

The doctor had continued to treat Kistler up until his retirement. Said Kistler: “He has always been like family and I was always treated that way.”

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