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Innovation Benefits Our Employees, Too

At Piedmont Health, we’re proud to use innovative technology to […]

Innovations benefit both patients and staff

Greater efficiency and improved patient outcomes – those are the […]

Piedmont Health Providers Receive Prestigious Appointments

In July, several providers with Piedmont Health Services were appointed […]

For new moms, a village awaits

Being a parent is hard. Nothing can prepare you for […]

Giving to the community

Piedmont Health has had an eventful year with many successes, […]

Reaching out to a population with few resources

Patricia Morales has to work irregular hours in an abnormal […]

Memo from the CEO: the Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance… Many of us remember being in Elementary […]

National Health Center Week activities set

National Health Center Week 2016 runs August 7-13. In this […]

Piedmont Health CFO honored for “outstanding” service

Congratulations to Lydia Mason, Piedmont Health’s Chief Financial Officer, for […]

Piedmont Health welcomes new doctors

  We are pleased to announce three new physicians from […]

Do Ask Do Tell: The Tradition of a Safe Space Continues

Recently I had the chance to hear three remarkable African-American […]

Brian Toomey: We’re getting back to our roots

One thing we are doing differently at Piedmont Health Services […]

Piedmont Health Opens 10th Center in the Heart of Chapel Hill

  Piedmont Health Services has opened its 10th community health […]

Free care on Dental Health Day is part of overall health care

At Piedmont Health, dental health is part of overall physical […]

From Kids to Seniors

When kids are sick, any wait to see a health-care professional can seem like an eternity. That’s the idea behind KidsCare Now, a program that began operating at four of Piedmont Health’s community health centers in the fall. The program offers same-day sick visits at our health centers.

Looking Back, Planning Forward

For Piedmont Health, January is a time to look back in pride at how much we’ve done and to look forward in anticipation of the great things to come. We have grown to 10 community health centers that, along with our two SeniorCare sites, serve 43,000 people – and we’re still growing and improving.

Donation made in memory of Mariam Palacio

Enrique Palacio decided to honor his late wife by donating land in Orange County to Piedmont Health Services in memory of Miriam Palacio. This donation, which came last year, is a valuable asset for Piedmont Health.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

The high demand for pediatricians in the Siler City area presented a challenge for Siler City Community Health Center. But with a mission of providing health care to medically underserved areas, and a tradition of finding innovative ways to provide high-quality care, administrators at the center were up to the challenge.

To Jo Ann, Piedmont Health’s medical care was like a life-saving miracle

Imagine losing your job and your health insurance company coming and taking away your oxygen concentrator when your oxygen to the brain drops below 70 percent and your sleep apnea causes you to stop breathing at least 10 times a night. That’s the situation Smith found herself in.

Giving to the Community

This year Piedmont Health has remained steadfastly focused on assuring access to high-quality primary health care for the diverse low-income community we serve across the region.

Ben Money Honored as Geiger Gibson Distinguished Visitor

…the 2015 Geiger Gibson Distinguished Visitor, North Carolina Community Health Center Association (NCCHCA) President and CEO E. Benjamin Money, Jr.

COO sees tremendous growth in her first year

Misty Drake’s first year as chief operating officer of Piedmont […]

Budgets may not be exciting but they deeply affect our lives

Unless a shutdown of the government is involved, we tend to pay little attention to news reports about the budget. But the decisions legislators make about spending have enormous consequences on our lives.

A good example is funds for the National Health Service Corps, which repays student loans for professionals working in certain areas where there is a shortage of providers, like community health centers.

Variety of experiences – even factory work – helped prepare nurse

Every day is different for Jennifer Bradsher. As nurse manager for the Charles Drew Community Health Center in Burlington, her responsibilities include managing the community health center’s nursing staff, managing the center’s storage and supplies, and helping provide care for patients.

Piedmont Health’s Celebrates National Health Center Week

Join us in celebrating the 50th anniversary of Community Health Centers. Piedmont Health is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year!

Piedmont Health’s Activities for National Health Center Week

Support all of the activities for National Health Center Week. The nation celebrates its 50th anniversary of the first community health centers and Piedmont Health celebrates its 45th anniversary.

Variety of experiences – even factory work – helped prepare nurse

Every day is different for Jennifer Bradsher, RN. As nurse manager for the Charles Drew Community Health Center in Burlington, her responsibilities include managing the community health center’s nursing staff, managing the center’s storage and supplies, and helping provide care for patients.

Charles Drew Community Health Center gets a facelift

These days, the Charles Drew Community Health Center in Burlington has patients doing a double-take. They walk in, look around and wonder if they are in the right place… Miranda said “The patients and staff are elated by the new changes!”

All Piedmont Health’s CHCs are officially Patient-Centered Medical Homes

Dr. Abby DeVries, Medical Director of Piedmont Health, is pleased to announce that all eight of Piedmont Health’s community health centers received Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition.

Out of a massacre comes hope for reconciliation

The aftermath of the horrible murders of nine members of the Emanuel AME church in Charleston has been extraordinary. Dylann Roof intended to start a race war but instead the Emanuel AME congregation and the people of South Carolina showed grace in confronting hard truths about race and the state’s history.

Community Health Center spans Four Generations

Saying that Melba Jones is part of the patient family at the Carrboro Community Health Center is an understatement. The 83-year-old Chapel Hill resident has been a patient at the center as long as it has been there, and she used to work there. Four generations of her family are also part of the Carrboro Community Health Center family.

CHC Alumni Association is Launched

The Community Health Center Alumni Association, an organization that marks […]

Piedmont Health Opens New Center in Chapel Hill, NC

Piedmont Health Services is proud to announce the opening of our ninth community health center site, slated to open September 2015. The health center will be located within the new Inter-Faith Council (IFC) men’s shelter, currently under construction on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Chapel Hill.

Unity in the Community Celebration will bring a day of fun to Chapel Hill

Unity in the Community Celebration, a day of live entertainment, good food, free health screenings, fellowship and family fun! Bring friends and family, lawn chairs and blankets for seating. Everyone of all ages is welcome to attend and there is no charge for the event!

Upcoming dental events for Piedmont Health

For the following events, we welcome the community. Give Kids a Smile is only open to children 0-12 yrs while the March 12 & April 17 events are free and open to the whole community, although an appointment is needed.
For all events below except the March 12 and April 24th event, please call 919-357-0502 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are based on availability. Please be sure to note your location when making the appointment.

Medical homes: Past, present, future

When you mention health-care advances, people might think of new kinds of medicine, or perhaps some technological breakthrough. But at Piedmont Health, an important innovation that we are implementing involves a concept that almost sounds old-fashioned – establishing patient-centered medical homes.

Tackling diabetes

Piedmont Health patients are learning to better manage their diabetes through a six-part group visit curriculum that focuses on such topics as: preventing the complications of diabetes, nutrition, medication management, problem solving and stress reduction. Developed and implemented by Lisanna Gonzalez, FNP (provider) and Marni Holder, RN (group facilitator), the series just recently concluded at the Carrboro Community Health Center.

Ties for Alamance County Resident Run Wide and Deep

James Kistler had a connection with the Scott Community Health Center since the center’s beginning. In fact, one might say that Kistler has been connected to the center since his own beginning.

New position created to oversee health centers

Piedmont Health has created a new position – chief operating officer – to oversee the organization’s seven community health centers. The first person to hold the post, Misty Drake, started work in late August.

Reaching a milestone is cause for celebration

Bill Selvidge wanted to work in a rural area after completing his medical education, so he was glad to accept a position as a family doctor at the Prospect Hill Community Health Center. But when he began work on Sept. 11, 1989, he didn’t expect to stay for more than a couple of years.

Join the Friends of Piedmont

Piedmont Health Services has provided medical, dental, nutrition and pharmacy services to over 42,000 patients this year in eight locations. The Piedmont Health SeniorCare program has served over 170 participants and their families at two locations. We could not do this work without your help!

Please consider making a tax deductible contribution today to help us serve the community!

Take advantage of opportunities others envy

Democracy arguably has been our most important – and most ironic – export. Since World War II, Americans have shed blood, sweat and tears fighting for liberty and freedom for people in other countries. But so many of us take for granted our most important right in a democracy – the right to vote.

Her passions keep her going

On a recent sunny day, Carol Klein took a break from treating patients at the Carrboro Community Health Center and went outside and sat at a picnic table. She was going from one thing she loves, serving as a family physician, to another, being outdoors.

A Trailer, Electricity and a Nurse Practitioner Might be the Future of Primary Care in Rural Areas

Tucked away on a corner of school property, signs point the way to the Sylvan Community Health Center. The center has two exam rooms, a children’s play area and a lab. Before Sylvan Community Health Center opened up, there were no health care services in Snow Camp.

Yes we have, yes we will

50 year anniversary coming up: It’s necessary to keep your shoulder to the wheel but sometimes you have to step back and see how far you’ve gone and what you have accomplished. Next year will be one of those times.

Walk, roll or stroll, SeniorCare participants help local charities

It’s early afternoon at the Piedmont Health SeniorCare facility in Burlington and program participants have just finished lunch. Most are sitting in the main gathering area, chatting. Then the music starts.

Activities for National Health Center Week – August 10-16, 2014

Neighbors will find out more about Piedmont Health SeniorCare (PACE) program and Moncure and Siler City Community Health Centers. Tours of the PACE program will be provided. Light refreshments available

Prospect Hill Residency Program grows in numbers and reputation

More physicians will soon be working with Piedmont Health patients while completing the residency program at the Prospect Hill Community Health Center.

The Teaching Health Center Family Medicine Residency Track at Piedmont Health’s Prospect Hill Community Health Center officially started in

Packaging is important for drugs too

As any good marketing person will tell you, packaging is important – and not just for cereal or soup; packaging also is important for medication. Just ask Piedmont Health pharmacy patients.

Piedmont’s pharmacies supply medications, for patients who want it, in bubble packs or trays. Pharmacists fill the packs or

Teamwork is key to new Piedmont Health initiative

If teamwork can win basketball games, why can’t it provide better health care? That’s the basic philosophy of a new approach at the Moncure Community Health Center known as “team-based care.”

Prospect Hill has annual back to school event

Reggie Nelums goes by the biker name of Wolf when he’s roaring around town on his Yamaha Venture. But he seemed more like a gentle lamb on Friday, July 25, when he pulled into the Prospect Hill Community Health Center to take part in the health center’s annual back-to-school event.

Not your typical pharmacy

The facilities operated by Piedmont Health are called community health centers, but you could call them pharmacies and you wouldn’t be wrong. All of Piedmont’s community health centers – with the exception of Sylvan, which serves a school-aged population – have pharmacies.

For woman and her twins, health center fills a variety of needs

Community health centers help people in a variety of different situations, in a variety of different ways. Carissa Sutton is a good illustration.

The 21-year-old Siler City resident has been a patient of the Siler City Community Health Center since last year. A certified nursing assistant, Sutton has health insurance and could get her medical care elsewhere, but she’s dedicated to the Siler City Community Health Center. Piedmont Health’s seven community health centers are committed to high-quality, affordable care, but that’s not the first thing Sutton mentions when asked what she likes about the health center.

PACE: A model for efficient use of tax dollars

As anyone who has been following the news knows, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory has launched a full-scale effort to cut state government spending. The governor recently asked state agencies to cut costs on the final months of the budget year, saying he wanted to “keep a tight hand on the taxpayer’s purse,” according to reports in the Raleigh News & Observer.

Relax your way to lower blood pressure

The easiest way to lower blood pressure is by popping a pill. It takes just a few seconds and you are finished. But pills cost money and often have side effects. Fully relaxing your body and your mind for a few minutes a day could lower your systolic blood pressure (the top number of a blood pressure reading) by 10 points or more—at no cost, and with no side effects.

NC Health Center Leader Honored in Washington for Advocacy Work

Brian Toomey, Chief Executive Officer of Piedmont Health Services, Inc. (PHS) in Carrboro, NC, has been inducted into the Grassroots Hall of Fame for the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). Grassroots Hall of Fame members have made lasting contributions to insuring the creation, survival and strength of community health centers and the health center movement through their dedicated and tireless efforts over many years.

It’s National Nutrition Month And Registered Dietitian Day!

By now, everyone knows about the obesity epidemic that has super-sized our nation. We’re fat, confused, and misinformed — and often spend hours in the gym trying to shed the pounds packed on due to a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of healthy foods. We’ve made eating one of the lowest priorities of the day, and with so much information being pushed at us

Bonding & breastfeeding

Renea Floyd recently brought her 5-month-old son, Drew, to the Carrboro Community Health Center for a visit with Rosemary Byrnes. “Look at you,” Byrnes said, smiling at Drew. “I can’t believe how much he’s grown.”

Resolved: Arm Yourselves to be Empowered with Information

When you think about it, New Year’s resolutions are all […]

New Insurance Coverage Gives Hope to New Enrollee

Linda Valines’ misfortunes started on Oct. 19, 2010. That’s the day the 52-year-old resident of Burlington, N.C., was in a car accident…

Piedmont Health Dental Care Program goes the extra mile to meet Patients Needs

Piedmont Health offers dental services at most of its community […]

Piedmont Health helping to prepare the public for the Affordable Care Act

With Oct. 1 approaching, the date the public can begin enrolling for insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act, Piedmont Health is working hard to help the public understand the changes in the law.

Innovative health care program for seniors opens new facility

Piedmont Health SeniorCare, an innovative program for senior citizens that has won praise and growing popularity, will host a grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony on for its newest facility on Dec. 12, 2013.

Program that is part of health care’s future celebrates its fifth anniversary

Burlington, NC (Dec. 2, 2013) – Piedmont Health SeniorCare, an […]

UNC and Piedmont Health Strengthen their Commitment to Caswell County

The innovative partnership between Piedmont Health and the University of North Carolina School of Medicine has proven to be a success and the program is growing and on track to expand even more, administrators say.

Time to consider Medicare supplementary plans

Medicare supplemental insurance’s open enrollment started Oct. 15, 2013, and […]

Friends of Piedmont Greatest Need Fund

As we close the year, please consider a tax deductible contribution to our Friends of Piedmont Greatest Need Fund. We have our vehicle donation program or call 877-960-GIVE (4483) now. We accept checks or on-line contributions. www.piedmonthealth.org

Giving Thanks

It was unintentional but appropriate that enrollment in the Affordable Care Act began the same month as Halloween. The problems in the law’s roll-out have been downright scary.

As I write, however, government officials and contractors are hard at work trying to fix those problems. They expect the repairs to be done by the end of November – right around Thanksgiving, and perhaps that timing is appropriate, too.

Family finds support and friendship at a community health center

Sheila was wary about finding a new primary care doctor for her mother, Brenda, after her previous nurse practitioner had retired…

Supporting Piedmont Health is Easier Than Ever

The Friends of Piedmont, our fundraising arm, has developed a new program and joined with several campaigns. Below are details about several ways you can help Piedmont Health in its critical mission of providing a medical home and high-quality care to all, regardless of ability to pay:

Vehicle Donation Program,
State & Federal Employees Combined Campaigns

Piedmont has crucial role in the ACA

Piedmont Health received a grant from the federal government for public education of the Affordable Care Act and the Health Insurance Exchange.

Medically Involved Patients find a Caring Primary Care Home

Forrest and Lucinda Rice’s health problems could fill a textbook. Mr. Rice, who is 57 years old, has back problems stemming from being hit by a bus.

The SHAPE outcomes paper was released yesterday in JAMA

Dr. Benjamin: “We can envision a time when such interventions for preventing weight gain as well as successful interventions for weight loss are provided under the leadership of primary care physicians, while the broader community receives an intervention program of education and environmental change, including effective strategies in work sites, schools, and community organizations.”

Piedmont Health Announces Events for National Health Center Week

CARRBORO (July 30, 2013) – Each year, the second week […]

Piedmont provider honored by UNC

Piedmont Health congratulates Dr. Giselle Corbie-Smith for her recent appointment […]

Healing people benefits staff as well as patients

Some Piedmont Health staff get as much satisfaction out of […]

Featured Medical Provider

Gayle Thomas, M.D. Piedmont Health has a number of outstanding […]

Paging Dr. Claus!

PROSPECT HILL (Dec. 20, 2012) – Piedmont Health’s Prospect Hill […]

Piedmont Health Announces Personnel moves at Prospect Hill Health Center

Piedmont Health would like to announce two personnel moves at […]

Piedmont Health adds Medical and Administrative Staff

Piedmont Health is happy to announce several new personnel: Helen […]

Patients voice support for Siler City Community Health Center

About 10 years ago, Mary Britt was in the market […]

Officials convene to recognize local community health center

Patients, doctors, staff and elected officials turned out to the […]

Prospect Hill Community Health Center opens renovated office

August 13, 2011. A new community health center opened this week in Prospect Hill.

The 4,000-square-foot facility at 140 Main Street operated by Piedmont Health Services Inc. replaces an older office that has been there more than 40 years. The new center features a larger pharmacy, more spaces for workshops and group meetings, a better floor plan and a second floor to accommodate growth at the center.

Senator Kay Hagan Celebrates Prospect Hill Health Center Opening

Hagan Celebrates Prospect Hill Health Center Opening; Announces $1.4M for […]

KBR Grant Supports Diabetes Program in Prospect Hill

Kate B. Reynold’s Grant Supports Local Diabetes Program in Prospect […]

Scott Community Health Center Celebration

Scott Community Health Center will celebrate Community Health Center Week […]

Siler City Community Health’s local program ties into national breastfeeding campaign

Local program ties into national breastfeeding campaign Siler City (May […]

Prospect Hill Community Health Center receives Kate B. Reynolds Grant

Piedmont Health Services, Inc. has been awarded a three-year grant […]

Piedmont Health Physicians on WUNC Radio

Triangle A Hub For Comparative Effectiveness Research Thursday, February 17 […]

NC Doctors Move Peers Toward Health IT

When Dr. John Torontow began practicing medicine, he was one […]

Health center the result of community effort

Prospect Hill was once a doctorless community, but now the […]

Piedmont Health marks 40 years bringing healthcare to those who need it.

Linda Watkins, 59, suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease, a […]

Piedmont Health announces National Health Center Week 2010 events!

Monday, August 9th – Siler City Center 9:30-2:00 9:30     Senator […]

Opportunities Arise from Health Care Bill

At Piedmont Health Services on Monday morning, Dr. Carol Klein […]

Piedmont Health Named ’09 Business of the Year

CHAPEL HILL — Piedmont Health Services, which employs 250 full- […]

goldace-jpgPiedmont Health Services uses the patient-centered medical home model of care that focuses on coordinated primary care and specialty care as appropriate. It is a partnership between you, the patient, and us, the healthcare team.

At Piedmont Health, we’re rooted in our community. We are determined to deliver quality health care to everyone with compassion, devotion and clinical sophistication; because we all deserve the benefits of a healthier life. From an infant getting her first well-baby checkup to a teenager getting a wisdom tooth pulled to a grandpa needing help managing his diabetes – welcome to Piedmont Health.

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From the Poole family, “We’ve gone there all our lives – it feels like home.”

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From Dottie and Bob, “it’s sort of a ‘one-stop shop’ with your doctor, dentist and pharmacy all under one roof.”

Healthy Seniors

From A Southern Season’s Briggs Wesche, “I was amazed at our employees’ grateful reactions to this program.”

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